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Punt Pass and Kick Fundraiser

James Klumker, Reporter

PHS DECA has organized a community service project called, “Punt Pass and Kick” a fundraiser projected to raise awareness and money for the Boys and Girls Club. On...  Read More »

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Superhero homecoming 2014

September 30, 2014

Homecoming dance October 11 Cost: $10 with ASB, $12 without ASB Time: 8p.m.-11p.m. Guest forms...  Read More »

New Health Standards Puts Student Store on a Diet

September 29, 2014

For the last couple years, the United States Department Of Agriculture(USDA) has been enforcing several changes to the types of foods that are allowed...  Read More »


Head Football Coach Receives Award From NFL

September 25, 2014

As of the morning of September 19th, head football coach Ross Filkins received the Seattle Seahawks high school “Coach of the Week” award. This award...  Read More »

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