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  • April 2I bought the worlds worst thesaurus today. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible.

  • March 28I'm only friends with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know Y.

2018-2019 Staff

Lauren Gilman

Editor in Chief

Lauren Gilman signed up for Outlook this year, because she is taking the lead roll in the classroom as the editor. If she could interview one person she would interview the POTUS and write an in-depth...

Kailyn Lowe


Kailyn Lowe signed up for Outlook, because she was looking for a place to express thoughts and opinions on both serious and silly subjects, as well as to take pictures of the world. If she could interv...

Ashlynn Holmes


Ashlynn was placed in Outlook this year and will use it as an oppertunity to expand her writing knowledge. If she could interview anyone it would most likely be Cleopatra, because she has always been hig...

Baylen Quintana-Blea


Baylen signed up for Outlook so she could share her opinions with other people in a new way. If she could interview anyone it would probably be Bill Gates, so he could tell her how to make a multi bi...

Ethan Kelemen


Ethan signed up for outlook because it sounded fun. The one person Ethan would interview would be Ray Lewis because he is a very inspirational person. Kelemen's  spirit animal is a sheep dog. This is ...

Sarah Oatridge

Social Media Manager

Sarah signed up for outlook because there is so many different kinds of projects you can do and basically any creative idea that pops in your head can be turned into a article, video, ect. Also, Mr. ...

Callie Anderson


Callie is interested in journalism and decided to take Outlook this year to pursue her interests. If Callie could interview anyone she would interview Lindsey Vonn because she has been her idol since Cal...

Griffin Bakken


Griffin signed up for Outlook, because he took it last year and had a really good time. If he could write an article about anyone he would interview and write about Ken Griffey Jr because he is Griffin's idol ...

Clare Dickson


Clare signed up for outlook because she likes writing and it sounded like a fun experience. If she could interview anyone she would interview Elon Musk because she admires how he is always trying to change the world....

Victoria Denney


Victoria is very interested in journalism and chose to take Outlook as an opportunity to write. If she could interview anyone she would choose Johnny Depp as he is her favorite actor. Victoria's spirit...

Cole Mcvay


Cole was drawn to Outlook, because he heard about its fun atmosphere and was recommended to him by friends. If Cole could interview anyone in the world, he would choose Beyonce because he is her QUEEN....

Katie Clark


Katie Clark pursued Outlook, because she really wanted to learn about journalism and newspaper. If she could, she would interview Emma Watson since they share similar features and she's her favorite actress...

Shawn Leonard


Shawn Leonard chose to take Outlook, because he wanted to be in a fun class with his friends. If he could interview anyone, he would interview Michael Jackson and ask him how he got so good at singing....

Sierra Haddick


Sierra signed up for outlook because it is a fun class with amazing people. She finds it relaxed, but still requiring work. Haddick also like journalism so she is hoping the class will improve her writ...

Mr. Robles

The One That Sees All

Coach Robles is the fearless leader of the Outlook. He is the only male of the entire staff but he is still excited about the opportunity to take on this new challenge. Coach is ready to leave a posit...

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