Harbor General Closing


Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

“Things don’t last forever” is what we are told constantly, but sometimes we ask why? Gig Harbor was the same for years with some modifications, such as the new Chipotle in uptown last summer or the closing of QFC on Judson St. in 2011. However, the most extensive change was the unexpected closing of the Harbor General Store in downtown Gig Harbor. The town knew by just one Facebook post by the former owners Stephanie and Colby Sagle saying they were closing up shop for good.  

Harbor General was an essential piece for downtown for many reasons, the main one being that the downtown community hasn’t had a full-service grocery store since the closing of QFC on Judson St. in 2011. Although Harbor General wasn’t precisely that, it was the closest thing we had for grocery goods downtown. Boaters would come in shopping for extra snacks, beer, and wine. The Peninsula Shopping Center on Judson St. was anticipated to have a much-needed renovation since 7 Seas moved locations. However, in July 2022, the Town and Country Market explained that they are “hitting pause” on any upgrades. Therefore, the downtown community may not have a grocery store for a little while. 

Even small businesses would rely on the Harbor General for sales. During the summer, it was ice cream, gelato, and even tiramisu. The Local Makers group, a collection of home-based small businesses, had huge support from Harbor General. The store’s parking lot was usually the venue for events by The Local Makers. Cassi Dickens, founder of The Local Makers, quotes, “Harbor General helped us get our wings. Now we’re in a position where we have enough branding and are established enough that we can find other opportunities.”

Everyone adored the Harbor General. It was a place to stop by for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and even breakfast before any event-going or long work shifts. It was a hang-out spot to catch up with friends before a long day at the water. The Harbor General was an amazing place for socializing, working, or just getting a bite to eat when you’re out and about. Now where do we go?  We’ll miss it.



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