Peninsula Outlook

2019-2020 Staff

Lilly Moore


Last year, I participated in photography. I took pictures of nature and people. The responsibilities in this class are to embrace your ideas and thoughts, make articles, and make them interesting and ...

Hailey Ruckle


My name is Hailey Ruckle. I'm a freshman at PHS and this is my first year in Newspaper. I wanted to take this class to write the truth and tell the story and meaning behind our school. I have zero experie...

Kailyn Lowe


My name is Kailyn Lowe. I’m currently a sophomore. This is my second year for the PHS newspaper. I decided to rejoin this class to further enhance my photography and journalism skills.  ...

Tyeler Heald

Sports Writer

My name is Tyeler Heald and I am a senior at PHS. I'm on the football team and it is my first year writing for the newspaper.  I am excited to be part of this PHS Outlook team and look forward to giving...

Forrest Stoican


Hello, my name is Forrest Stoican and I signed up for Outlook to take a fun, engaging class. If I could interview anyone, I would have to interview my German Shepherd, Maxy, because I want to know what she...

Micah Hester


My name is Micah Hester. I enjoy video games and interviewing people. My friends think I'm a comedian. My favorite class is Leadership. I am currently a junior at PHS.

Alex Johnston


My name is Alex Johnston.  This is my junior year. I’m from Hawaii, so Gig Harbor is extremely cold to me.  I love to surf and swim, so I like to be in the water. I’m taking this class to work on my...

Ellie Hood


I signed up for Outlook this year because I have always enjoyed writing and I am considering turning it into a career. If I could interview anyone, I would interview J.K. Rowling because I’m a huge Ha...

Daniel Shurr

Sports Writer

My name is Daniel Shurr, I’m a Senior, and this is my first year in Newspaper. I’m taking this class for fun and to practice for my career goal of sports commentating. I am the stadium announcer for ...

Rhiannon Woods

Social Media and Advertisement

Salutations, my name is Rhiannon and I have zero experience with writing or photography, but it's okay because you learn. I am 14 and a freshman interested in politics and current events as well as the t...

Austin Klahold


I am Austin Klahold, and I'm a freshman at PHS. I've used cameras almost my whole life. I like photography and I like taking pictures of mountains. My favorite hike is at Staircase in Lake Cushman. ...

Emily Bunker

Film Producer

Hi, my name is Emily Bunker, and I’m a freshman this year. I like to write and do photography on the side. If you ever need some fresh memes or arts and crafts time, hit me up. I’m hoping to do inter...

Riley Martel

Film Producer

Hello, my name is Riley Martel and I am a freshman this year. I joined PHS newspaper because I enjoy photography. In this class I will be taking photos and writing articles for the PHS Outlook. Outside of...

Caitlyn Anderson


My name is Caitlyn Anderson, and I am in tenth grade at Peninsula High School. I have always enjoyed journalism, English classes, and daily journaling. I have taken a couple photography courses throughout ...

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