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Shark Tank 2017

Shark Tank is a dual swim meet between Peninsula High School and Gig Harbor High School. Three swimmer and three divers have explained what it’s like to be apart of this event.


“I like diving bc it scares me and it’s the only thing that I’ve had to really work for, and I’m good at everything and I suck at diving and that’s why I like it.” -Cassie McMurtrey (diver), 11th


“[Shark tank is] super awesome that we can have a friendly rivalry with the tides, and compete together in a safe environment.” Aspen Tyas (diver), 11th



“I’m excited and I love GHHS divers and they are really good. I feel excited and anxious, but I’m ready to kick some butt!” -Hope Flanigan (diver), 9th



“I am very excited and I’m kind of a combo of nervous and excited and a lot of my friends are in GHHS and that makes me kind of nervous.” -Ellie Hood (swimmer), 10th



“[My favorite part of shark tank is that] even though it is a rivalry we still cheer each other on and have good sportsmanship.” Bella Case (swimmer), 11th



“The challenge [with compete against GHHS] can be that they are friends and family and it is hard to want to be super competitive because we love them.” -Emma Reinmuth (swimmer), 10th



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Shark Tank 2017