M&M Brand Update


Aliyah Newton

In January 2023, one of America’s favorite brands announced they are changing their commercial name from M&M’s to Ma&Ya’s and updating their brand mascot to the face of comedian, actress, and singer Maya Rudolph. The public responded to this new upgrade with several questions and opinions on all social media platforms. Some believe it is all an internet prank. Others are eager for some new candy, while the rest detest the idea.   

M&M was looking for something to boost itself back to the popular brand it once was. Many believe former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Maya Rudolph was the perfect pick for a new face, bringing her bubbly personality and comedic timing into a popular company. However, they didn’t stop there. M&M has decided just plain chocolate is bland and plans to add clams to the chocolate candies. We can now all enjoy “Maya’s chocolate candy clam bites.”  

In the video posted by M&M’s, Maya Rudolph sits behind a table holding her new chocolate box with her face printed on the front. She then shows a pie chart indicating about 95% of people love her and 5% others. We see a close-up of the new rainbow candies featuring a small mugshot of Maya Rudolph printed on the front. The camera turns back to Maya while she remarks, “I love eating my own face.” This video has been reposted many times and appeared as a Super Bowl commercial. 

The old M&M’s has recently added many new flavors to their mix, including caramel cold brew, popcorn, peanut butter, and white strawberry shortcake. It’s strange to consider that there was a time when M&Ms didn’t exist. The popular brand was released on September 10, 1941, and has been well-known since. Sadly, M&M has decided to replace the old with the new. Ma&Ya’s are available online on the M&M website. Who wouldn’t want to sample these brand-new sweets?   



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