First Spring Market (May 13)


Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

On May 13th, the local makers of Gig Harbor gathered for the first spring market. This event was introduced to Gig Harbor this year, and its aim is to welcome more tourists before the usual tourist season. The “Local Makers Gig Harbor Group” also aimed to encourage, empower, and equip their neighbors who are gifted. 

The Local Makers are a collective of home-based artists and craftsmen that have had pop-up stands over the past couple of years, mainly during the summer. However, this year they decided to switch things up to bring in tourists earlier in the year, as previously mentioned. This could help tourists notice Gig Harbor because of the amazing art and message being spread throughout our town. The Local Makers have been struggling for a venue for the past few months due to the unexpected closing of Harbor General Store. Local Makers share their goals and aspirations with the world through art. “We really want it to be, not just come and shop and have a look at what we’ve got, we want it to be an interactive community destination that is inviting people to bring their own community spirit,” said Clare Dunis, a member of the Local Makers Group. 

“We’ve had popups, and now popups are everywhere,” said Local Makers founder Caasi Dickens, “We really want to have something that is quality both for our community and for our makers.” Nothing compares to an artist’s dedication to forward an incredible piece of art to a community. The amount of time in every single art piece deserves the recognition of the community.  

The Gig Harbor community sure knows how to bring people together in any situation. This event didn’t only show off impressive art but also brought people together. The market was a truly interactive experience for everyone to explore and bring tourists in. Tourists and even locals from all over Pierce County can all appreciate the amazing art and message people can express.