Senior Prank Day!


Ava Meikle, Opinions

Yesterday, June 14, was the famous Senior Prank Day. For the last weeks of school, traditionally, seniors come together and pull pranks in school. The seniors do have to ask if they are allowed to do the pranks.

Lots of people know about senior pranks, but how did this all start? One of the largest scaled pranks was in 1978 at Clayton High School. The seniors came at 2:00 am and went into the commons and wrote graffiti on the walls for three hours; there was not one inch of wall that did not have graffiti on it. The principal let the 100 people in at 2:00, and was aware of what the students were going to do. The school was going to re-do the commons at the end of the year and get rid of the graffiti for next year, but graffiti stayed up for about another three years before is was removed.

Before doing the pranks seniors have to ask the administration and custodial staff if they are allowed to do the prank but why do they have to ask? Well, when a senior wants to do a prank the school has to make sure that the prank is safe, does not involve property damage, criminal trespassing, or inappropriate content or speech.

Senior Prank Day is one of the most crazy and exciting days for everyone, not just the seniors. The cover photo is the 2023 year Senior Prank day photo. The stairs to the second story are covered in red solo cups but there was a twist: every single one was filled to the brim with water. There was even chair on top of the vending machines! Corn dogs were left in the little garden area outside and on the field, with a very large amount of the chairs from classrooms outside on the field. 


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Photo by: Keira Dooley