Are paper book necessary today?


Ava Meikle, Opinions

Today we have so much technology in our world; our generation knows so much about technology. One question that some people have is: are paper books necessary today? We have all the books in our hands on a screen, so are paper books necessary to be buying anymore?

There are plenty of people that think books are no longer used like they were in the past, but that is not true, they still are very popular. A study from Kantar in 2021 reports about 53% of adults say they still read books and a good amount of those adults read paper books. The same study also shows that out of the 40% of the UK adult population who purchased a book in 2021, only 10% of them were electronic books. 

Reading paper books over an electronic version can be a lot better for your brain. It can help your communication skills and increase your vocabulary, it can even help your memory and can also help you sleep better and de-stress after a long day of work.


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