Reasons Why You Should Go To Greece This Summer


Aliyah Newton, Writer

Are you seeking a summer filled with perfect weather, yummy food, beautiful views, and relaxing activities? If so, you should visit Greece this summer. Greece has been a significant tourist attraction since the 1970s. Everyone can agree they have heard of the beautiful towns and landscapes covering the lands of Greece. The locals are more than happy to host tourists looking to visit their beautiful country. 

First of all, you should visit Greece because of the perfect summer weather. The days in June through August are, on average, 80 to 90 degrees with little rainfall, perfect for a hike through the town, a relaxing swim in the ocean, a nearby lake, or even a relaxing sunbathing accompanied by a cold drink in hand.     

Second, what could a true summer vacation be without some mouth-watering meals and snacks? Greece has many different types of food. Meals usually consist of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, goats, sheep, fresh fish, and, of course, the ever-present olive oil. Meals are often shared around the table and are a big part of Greeks days. Breakfast normally consists of fresh fruit, greek yogurt, and freshly baked pastry. Lunch can vary, but most locals tend to eat a light casserole and a soup with a side of fruit, salad, and bread. But a wide range of foods, from Greek salads and gyros to kabobs and Greek lasagna, are available. Dinner can consist of the same foods, but most Greeks eat a big lunch and snack on some yogurt and fruit and maybe some appetizers for dinner.

Third, Greece is a beautiful country, and there is no doubt you will see breathtaking views and landscapes. Most towns by the water are small white stone houses, followed by white stone streets and pathways down to the water. There are also hundreds of gorgeous caves and islands to explore and relax on. But no one can forget the ravishing sunsets and sunrises that reflect off of the white buildings in Greece.  

Lastly, Greece has many relaxing activities you can go and interact with. You can kayak through caves and islands or maybe lay out on the white sandy beach. You can go on a bike ride through the cute little towns or visit old buildings dating back to 900 B.C.E. Greece is filled with perfect summer weather, gourmet food, breathtaking views, and activities. As you can see, Greece is the perfect place to take your summer vacation this year.    



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