Google’s Top Searches

Googles Top Searches

Aliyah Newton

Did you know Google tracks every search made by users across the world? They know the top food, sports, famous people, and phrases searched. There are 8.5 billion google searches daily and an average of 99,000 searches per second. Most of us can say Google has been our go-to question-answer. Need to know how many ounces are in a cup? Google it. Wondering what you should eat for dinner? Google it. Can’t figure out a famous person’s age? Google it. Google has been operational for 25 years, answering questions and imparting knowledge on a variety of topics. 

Facebook was the most popular one-word search in 2022, with close to two-hundred and four million searches. Youtube was the second most searched word in 2022, with almost one-hundred ninety-six million searches. Amazon, of course, comes in third place, followed by The World, a game most people added to their daily routine in December 2022. This next top search tells us how smart Americans truly are; the fifth top search is google. 

The top ten most googled questions begin with “what time is it?” with 1.4 million searches. “What is my IP?” and “when is Easter 2022?” come in second and third, searched 886 thousand times in 2022. “Why is the sky blue?” was listed as the 100th most googled question in 2022. 

As of March 23, 2023, Messi, an Argentinian professional soccer player, placed top of the list after being searched 43.5 million times in the past 30 days. People also searched Pele, Trump, Andrew Tate, and Harry Styles countless times in the past 30 days.

The most searched man from 2016-2023 is Donald Trump. Only counting the searches in November 2016, Trump hit a high of 153M searches in one month. Will Smith rose to the top in 2022 after he slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars. Every day, innumerable searches regarding millions of different topics occur, but ultimately, everyone wants to know who Donald Trump is and what he is up to. We can learn a lot about people worldwide by what they search on Google. 


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