Spring Musical Preview: Willy Wonka


The colorful design above was created by sophomore Alex Sprague.

Keira Dooley, Editor-In-Chief

This Friday, May 5th, performances begin for Peninsula High School’s 2023 Spring musical, the whimsical show of Willy Wonka! Several hours have been put into making this production possible. Over the past two weeks, technicians have stayed after school until 8 pm every day to prepare the set and this week the cast has stayed after until 6:30 pm each day for complete run-throughs of the show. Featuring students from the local elementary as adorable Oompa Loompas, this show is sure to put a smile on your face with its’ entertaining dance numbers and colorful set design. If you still need to buy tickets to the show, go to purplepass.com. Performances will take place in the PHS auditorium on May 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. This is a show you won’t want to miss out on, so be sure to buy your tickets soon! Now, let’s take a look at the cast that has been hard at work to give you an outstanding performance!

Mr. Bullock and Mr.Stahl, the musical’s directors, decided on having a double cast. So, without further ado, starring as Willy Wonka will be junior Teagan McMonagle and freshman Henry Glore and playing Charlie Bucket will be senior Thomas Byram and senior Rianne Dooley! I had a chance to ask McMonagle and Dooley about their characters and what they were excited about for the musical. McMonagle stated he loves Wonka’s “character depth and how he develops throughout the show.” Dooley replied that she loves “Charlie’s positive outlook on life and her curiosity and kindness.” She also shared that her favorite part about being in the musical is “getting to perform! There is nothing like the pure magic you feel the second you step in front of an audience and just become a character and tell a story! It is the most amazing feeling in the entire world.” When asked what he was most excited about for the musical, McMonagle replied that he is “excited to see all these student made-ideas combine and just show off all the work we’ve [the cast and crew] put in.”

For the rest of the Bucket family, senior Sky Olli and sophomore Luka Hawkins as Mr. Bucket, and as Mrs. Bucket, we have sophomores Ashlyn Yingling and Izzy Morin, who will also be playing Ms. Teavee. Senior Emily Williams and sophomore Jeremiah Taylor are playing Grandpa Joe, sophomore Abigail Ryun and freshman Audrey Derr will be playing Grandma Georgina, and Grandpa George will be played by senior Gabe Radke-Reeves and junior Tanner Karabinos. Freshman Mckenzie McGee and sophomore Alex Sprague will play Grandma Josephine, as well as Mrs. Gloop. Their son, Augustus Gloop, will be played by junior Eren Blake and sophomore Hunter Bugenig. Veruca Salt will be played by senior Jazzy Bleil-Geiselman and freshman Alyssa Robinson, and their father, Mr. Salt, will be played by senior Rylie Kalihiki and junior Leighton Derr. Playing Violet Baureguarde is junior Jasmine Rigers and junior Julian Cox, and playing their mother, Mrs. Bouregarde, are sophomore Viloet Rolfes and junior Bailyn Duchesneau. Mike Teavee, the last of the Golden Ticket Winners, will be played by seniors Talan Maggio and Faye Stock. 

Of course, a great production cannot happen without an outstanding ensemble. In the ensemble, we have freshman Jeannie Hewitson, sophomore Madison Duray, freshman Joey Turk, junior Declan Littleton, sophomore Failen Columbell, senior Evante Hemming, senior Kaycee Douglas, senior Elijah Moss, senior Charlotte Radcliffe, freshman Zachary Ruckle, senior Brooklyn McAnally, freshman Myia Aggers, sophomore Aspen Ochoa, and senior Natalie Salazar. The Head Oompa Loompas will be senior Keira Dooley, junior Andres Morales, freshman Jordan Givot, senior Brayden Smith, and sophomore Mavis Dubois. Smith and Dubois will also play the Candyman and the news reporter Phineous Trout.

Accompanying our actors and actresses onstage is our fantastic pit. Conducted by our musical director, Ms. Hilborn, we have incredible student musicians from Peninsula’s band. Playing the flute are senior Malea Islom, junior Evelyn Steffy, and sophomore Riley Oltmann. Playing the clarinet are sophomore Dylan Shipman, sophomore Annan Ball, and senior Riley Bertholf. Playing the trumpet, we have junior Riley Dykman and sophomore Kristopher Davis. Senior Isaiah Sniadoski will play the tuba, freshman James Kane will play the horn, sophomore Gavin Bertholf will play the bassoon, and senior John Bowen will be on percussion. Finally, on the piano, we will have Mrs. Bruneau.

It looks like it will be an incredible show put on by the talented students in the theater and music department here at Peninsula. The first performance will be this Friday, so buy your tickets soon! If you have a friend in the cast that you want to see, make sure you check and see which nights they are performing since each night, there will be a different cast. We hope to see you there and that you enjoy the show!