Mid-Winter Break Destinations

Deven Meddaugh, Reporter

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  • Heather Redd (11th) will be chilling at home over her break. She will play with her dog and talk to her boyfriend while he is in Hawaii.

  • Malia Kellerman (12th) will spend this break celebrating her brother’s birthday up in the mountains, skiing down the beautiful slopes of Whistler. She will also be visiting Sierra Nevada College, where she has been offered a scholarship to play soccer.

  • Caitlin Montgomery (9th) will be traveling to Arizona over mid-winter break. She will be staying with her aunt and grandparents for the duration of the time and will also be celebrating her cousin’s birthday.

  • Lixandro Sosa Diaz (10th) is going to spend his break in the beautiful Yakima, Washington while spending quality time with his family.

  • Deven Meddaugh (9th) is returning to Cabo, Mexico for break this year. She will be staying at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset with her family and friends.

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