The Clubs of Peninsula

Lexi Graham, Reporter

Clubs are a thing of the future. Here are some clubs offered at Peninsula High School.

 National Honor Society:

National Honor Society is a club that recognizes and organizes students that perform well academically and contribute positively to their communities.  Members must maintain a GPA above 3.0 and complete a minimum of 30 volunteer hours each year.  Colleges and potential employers recognize National Honor Society members as being committed to excellence, both in their own pursuits and in improving the lives of those around them.

 Knowledge Bowl:

At meetings they go through practice questions that deal with all different academic subjects. At meets there are three schools, and each school has three teams of three to five people. Every team competes three times, playing all of the other schools’ teams in designated classrooms. If you like jeopardy or trivia or are really good at remembering random facts, knowledge bowl is probably for you. The school record is very good: They have won by a margin of over 100 points several times this year.

 Speech and Debate:

Debate involves a very diverse spectrum of events. In public forum, partner groups write persuasive, evidence-based cases to address a topic that changes monthly. At tournaments, the partner team debates a team from another school and the judge decides which team won the debate. Individual events include interpretation (in which the competitor performs a memorized, unique interpretation of a script), interpretive reading, oratory (a memorized speech), expository (informative presentations about various topics), and impromptu (the competitor is given three random topics, chooses one, and gives a four-six minute speech on the spot), among others. Many students compete in multiple events.

 Knitting Club:

If you love to knit, room 105 is the place to be after school on Mondays. Knitting club is a laid back, get-together-for-a-couple-of-hours kind of club. They focus on knitting and crocheting. Knitting club meets on Mondays after school for an hour, two hours, it doesn’t matter. Mrs. Riley, the advisor, bought a new machine called Pfaff. She needs help putting it together and if anyone knows how to put it together, go to room 105. In addition, they are also taking donations to buy supplies for their projects.

 Band Council:

The PHS Band Council is a student leadership organization that plans fundraisers, bonding activities, rehearsal times, and other necessary activities for the benefit of the PHS Band program.

French Club:

French Club is definitely french based. They discuss French culture, watch French/Francophone movies, play french themed/based games, and occasionally even eat French food. French students can come in to peer-tutor or study together. They meet on the first Thursday of each month at 2:15.

Anime Club:

Anime Club is one of those clubs that anyone can join. You’ll watch anime, draw fan art, eat snacks. Discussing favorite animes and characters is also a fun way to pass the time. The club meets for two hours after school on Tuesdays in room 207.

Art Club:

Art Club is organized around Gallery 607 and it’s also an open studio to create art or finish projects for class. They meet every Wednesday at 2:15 for two hours. There is access to the glass room (605), the batik room (604), and the ceramics lab (601).


ASL is a leadership opportunity for students to get involved with local deaf people through different activities. An event that is held often is called Silent Socials, these are held with Gig Harbor High School students and South Kitsap High School students.

Catering Club:

If a student is interested in catering and cooking, then this club is the one for them. Club members will learn skills that will help them get jobs in the restaurant industry. This club will cater events, scheduled by Ms. Lyssand; room 511, both on and off campus.


Close up is a club that dedicates its time to teaching students about the U.S. Government. During Spring Break, the proctor of this club, Mr. Messersmith; room W5, is taking a group of students to Washington D.C. for six days in the capital of the nation. Students will see congress members working and they will be able to ask questions and engage Washington insiders and lobbyists and members of the military  in discussions about current issues. In the long run, this will help with the voting experience and students’ understanding of the government.

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance):

GSA is a club that meets after school in room 512, the computer lab, on Tuesdays after school from 2:15 to 4:15. This club provides a safe place to talk about their experiences in school and out of school. Nothing ever leaves the room, everything is private, members don’t have to talk about anything serious. Though some discussions are very heavy and while the proctor, Kip Berndt, may say tone it down a bit in the nicest way possible, you may continue and nothing you say will ever leave the room. Members learn about the facts of anything that has to do with being gay, straight, transgender, bi-sexual, and the harassment it could bring. They encourage a safe experience and will stand by your side through thick and thin.


HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America. It’s an organization where future medical students compete in various competitions while they simultaneously learn about health issues in the world. This club meets in room 414. Listen to the announcements for meeting dates or talk to Mr. Collins, a biology and chemistry teacher.

Interact and Key Club:

These are service clubs focused on bettering the community. Interact meets Thursdays after school in room 210. E-mail or speak to Ms. Kurtz for more information about Interact. Key Club meets every other Wednesday after school in room 303. Contact Ms. Christiansen for more information.


Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Martin host a club every other Wednesday in room 412 where students learn about Suicide and prevention and they causes. These students go around to PHS health classes to teach about what they learned. A school wide awareness day is planned and presented a couple of times a year.

 CIP (Community Inclusion Program):


This is a business club and they meet the first Wednesday of the month in room 501. DECA is hosted by Mr. Selfors.

Drama Club

Drama Club trains students to work in the theatre department. They meet Wednesdays at 2:10 in the PHS Theatre, auditorium. Mrs. Beloate hosts this club.

Environment Club:

This club, hosted by Mr. Mills on Thursdays at 2:10, promotes environmental awareness. Members learn about the local environment by watching movies, going on field trips, and experiences.

 FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes):

FCA combines students’ love for sports with their love of aspects of Christianity. It teaches that the two subjects don’t have to be separate. FCA’s core values are integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence. This club meets every Wednesday during first lunch in Mrs. Marinelli’s room (204).

The Phoenix:

PHS’s literary magazine. Mrs. Bruey runs the cub along with a publication staff of 5-6 students. If you want to send in your artwork or writings, go to room 212 anytime or on the first Wednesday of the month after school.

Photo Club:

Mr. Potasky runs photo club which offers the photo lab for student photographers to meet from 2:00-3:00 on Tuesdays to experiment and broaden their photography skills.

Psychology Club:

Students who are interested in Psychology and want to learn more about specific areas such as hypnotism, dream analysis, or abnormal psychology can join Psych Club. Meetings include movies, guest speakers, and study sessions for the AP Psychology test at the end of the year. They meet every other Wednesday (2nd and 4th of the month) after school at 2:15-4:15 in Ms. Lyssand’s room, 511.

Radio Club

Mr. Smith hosts a public radio station, KGHP-FM after school and students have a chance to learn to operate the station located in room 519, Thursdays from 2:15-3:15.

Show Choir:

This is a class but students can also meet in the choir room with Mrs. Ellis after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:15. Show Choir is an auditioned, advanced music group that performs around the community. Auditions are held at the end of the school year and at the beginning of the following year, if there are still spots open.

TableTop Games and Magic:

Mrs. Ahlheim hosts a relaxed setting in her classroom, 402, for students to enjoy board games, study strategy, learn negotiating skills, and to utilize competitive skills.

Talk to any of the teachers mentioned above if you are considering joining any of these clubs.