Breaking Down The Walls

Micah Hester, writer

Making New Friends at Breaking Down the Walls

Breaking Downs the Walls was a great experience. I went on the 2nd day and there were about 180 students and staff in the gym. I was a little nervous before, but felt better as soon as our groups got started. 

We played a game called “Cross the Line.” The leader Phil called out different situations that people were going through and each person could choose to cross the line if it related to them. People had a chance to share what they were feeling. I learned that everyone has something going on, that we may not know about. We talked about the importance of being more understanding toward each other.

Phil challenged us to make a difference every day! He challenged us to put our phones down and say hi to people. He said we should look around and help others, including picking up trash, cleaning off tables or maybe the bleachers. The biggest thing I took away from Breaking Down the Walls was that each person can make a difference. I will try to make  a difference by saying hello to new and old friends everyday!