Spirit Week March 2-5


Elyse Donley, Julia Klumker, and Maeve Griffin show off their rain gear for Rainy Day

Amelia Shefler

 Monday March 2nd: Pajama Day

On the 1st day of spirit week it was pajama Day. We got to wear our pajamas to school. My teacher Mrs.Wilde was wearing pajama pants and her Oregon duck slippers. I was wearing my pajamas and my bunny slippers. I brought my blanket,and my stuff animal to school. Some people were wearing sweatshirts, comfy socks, Birken stocks, sweaters, and onesies.The pajamas were so pretty and I admired what everyone was wearing. There were alot of people not dressed in pajamas and it really made me  disappointed and sad that they missed out on the fun of spirit week. I personally adore spirit week because I like the opportunity that I have dressing up for the themes. I enjoyed the Pajama day and wearing an outfit with flowers on Flower Power day.   


Tuesday March 3rd: Flower Power

On the second day  of spirit week it was flower power day. We had to wear our flower power outfits to school.  Many people were wearing ripped jeans, flower shirts, and headbands. I really enjoyed getting dressed up for flower power day. I saw some men wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts with  fantastic flowers! All the people that got dressed up looked remarkable. My favorite flower power outfit was my flower pants and my pink and my pink short sleeve shirt. I got to see so many extraordinary outfits.  

Maddy Beck shows off her Flower Power attire

Wednesday March 4th: Rainy 

On the third day of spirit week we had to wear our rain coats and rain boots to school for the rainy theme. Several people were wearing dark colored rain jackets with splendid patterns. I did not appreciate the rainy day theme on Wednesday because it did not rain on Wednesday, and I thought it did not make sense at all for choosing a  rainy theme for spirit week. 

Trinity Lamb showing off her cute yellow rain jacket

Thursday March 5th: Twin/Celebrity

 On the fourth day of spirit week, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse. I wore my black dress with my soft black coat, black tights, and my sparkly shoes that I hot glued red  bows on to the top of my shoes. I also wore my Minnie Mouse headband with the big bow on top from Disney World in Florida. My friends Mia Anderson and Allie Weber were twins wearing the same color sweatshirts that were pink. My Peninsula friends, Micah Hester, Ian Nelson, and Lena Janson, all dressed up as triplets. This day was  a day to remember.