French Club (Club de Français)


Left to right: Sam Dietrich (president), Ella Fong (secretary), Faith Smith (treasurer) Front: Izzy Morin (vice-president)

Faith Smith, Community

The French Club is a relatively new club to Peninsula High School; French Club began in October of 2022, and their first meeting was on October 13th. Since then, they’ve had nine meetings. French Club meets every other Thursday in room 621 with Madame Gray. When Madame Gray was first gathering interest for the club, some ideas expressed as possible focusses of the club were: French history, food, traditions, holidays, culture, and language. Not everyone in the French Club is taking French as a language.

The first time the French Club met was on national coffee day. People all over the world participate in national coffee day, although different countries celebrate it on different days. The French Club began the meeting by making coffee for everyone and then got to business. They decided who would be the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and decided what they wanted the French Club to be about.

Like all the other clubs, the French Club made a wreath that was auctioned off at Winterfest. The theme for the wreath was “Let Them Eat Cake x Laduree.” The appearance of the wreath was simple: small gold ornaments, pastel macaron ornaments, a silver crown, and a gold bow. Other items that were sold with the wreath were a cake ornament, a cupcake ornament, several other silver crowns, and a package of petit beurre cookies. “There’s glitter everywhere,” was one of the most common things said while making the wreath. The French Club raised $30 from the wreath when it was auctioned off. 

French Club is looking towards the future, which means making plans for February and early March. This year the French Club will be selling Candy Grams at lunches to be delivered to people on Valentine’s Day. They’re trying to raise money for an event in the future. They are also looking for students to volunteer to help sell Candy Grams during lunches. Although the French Club is looking toward the future, their future is uncertain. Once the supervising teacher of the French Club goes on maternity leave, it is unclear whether the club will still be able to meet with the substitute teacher instead. The French Club has meetings scheduled for February 2 and 16 for anyone who’s interested in joining the club.