Breaking Down the Walls

Breaking Down the Walls

Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

In 2020, Peninsula had an incredible event called Breaking Down the Walls. This event was a hit at PHS, students couldn’t say enough great things about it, and we couldn’t wait to bring it back this year!

A question wandering your mind may be what is breaking down the walls? It is fun, but most importantly, it’s a chance for all the PHS students to gather and learn about each other. This helps people realize, “You can’t hate someone whose story you know.” (Margaret J. Wheatley). Peninsula wants people to feel like they are in a safe space and have everybody respect everyone. Breaking Down the Walls helps people realize that we are all BETTER TOGETHER. For further information and a look at what the event looks like, you can watch this video. This event will be happening on February 28th and March 1st. Only a limited capacity of 200 students can sign up! Do not hesitate to fill out the interest form by clicking this link.

This event has many positive effects that strengthen social and emotional learning (SEL), exclusively building social awareness and relationship skills that are vital to student growth and success. These outcomes can include meaningful connections and positive relationships; this means bringing students together and providing dedicated time to connect or possibly reconnect with their peers. Empathy and understanding can be another positive outcome of this event because it is a way to allow students to share their stories and hear others’ stories. Hearing each other’s stories can make a breakthrough in our community and make others feel safer. Another outcome has a thriving campus life. This event creates an exclusive society where students can proudly say that they belong, feel safe, and they can learn and grow in the environment they are in. 

Breaking Down the Walls is not only a great way for students to meet one another, but it’s an event that can make campus life much more peaceful for everybody. So I encourage fellow students to make that one big step and conquer their fears, step out of their comfort zone and join Peninsula for the revival of Breaking Down the Walls.