Bella Taylor, Opinion

Peninsula High School has many opportunities for students to get their volunteer hours in. The main one is Winterfest. Every year during Thanksgiving, Peninsula asks students to participate and get their community service hours in for the BIGGEST fundraiser at Peninsula. Here is some information about Winterfest. 

As I said previously, Winterfest is the biggest fundraiser Peninsula holds during the holidays each year. Students who participate are available for community service hours, which, for the record, looks great on college applications and even job applications. Winterfest takes place during Thanksgiving weekend (November 27th – 28th). This fundraiser is an Arts and Crafts show that has been here for over 25 years that raises money for Peninsula’s amazing ASB. This fantastic event is a great way to support our student body and even our amazing school, so we can keep having memorable events like Homecoming, Prom, and many more. 

All kinds of vendors participate in Peninsula’s Winterfest. From jewelry to food, Winterfest is a great place to earn money for ASB and for small business artists to show off their work. Some vendors include Nice Girl’s Jewelry, Western Drawn Art, NW Spices, Puget Sound Fencing Academy, and more.

Volunteers are needed extremely! Juniors, we are asking you guys to sign-up to sell Krispy Kreme donuts for your prom 2024! Your sign-up forms are due on November 17th. To everyone else, we ask that you volunteer at Winterfest. If you are interested in helping out at the school and getting your community service hours, sign up for Winterfest

Peninsula has many more fundraisers and fun events like Winterfest, but nothing quite as extravagant. Winterfest has been the biggest fundraiser and part of the Peninsula for over 25 years now. This fundraiser is made possible by the incredible students and staff who give up their time to help this event run smoothly. So let’s make this year even better than the last!

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