Homecoming Wall Decorating


Grace Roberts

As Homecoming gets closer, more preparations are coming along. The day before spirit week started, Peninsula High School had its Homecoming wall decorating day, where Leadership and student volunteers helped decorate the walls of the commons to match the theme of our 2022 Homecoming, American Cities.

Keira Dooley, a Senior at PHS, described the day, saying it went very well, though she thought it could have been promoted better as most of the people there were in Leadership. Dooley said, “I might be biased, but I think seniors had the most spirit,” though she did also acknowledge that there are more seniors in Leadership than juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Overall, Dooley described it as a pleasant experience to get to work with everybody for the day.

Each grade has their own American city to decorate for as a competition. The individual themes are New Orleans (freshman), Miami (sophomore), New York (junior), and of course, Seattle (senior). These walls are a part of class competition and will result in spirit points for each grade according to their place in the competition. The walls are covered in the spirit of Homecoming as competitive and exciting feelings about this weekend rise. 

“I think all of the classes really came together even though a lot of people were stressing about people being able to pull through,” PHS Senior Stella Demianiw answered. She stated that it ran through smoothly, saying she couldn’t think of anything that went wrong. Demianiw also agreed that the senior class had the most spirit. 

As spirit week continues and Homecoming comes closer, we encourage students to show school spirit in hopes to add more points to their class total for the class spirit competition. The commons walls are fully decorated for students to appreciate and serve as a reminder of the PHS students who came together to create them.