Homecoming/Spirit Week


Bella Taylor

We all know that Peninsula High School is full of spirit. With Homecoming coming up this Saturday, Spirit Week is in town. Let’s take a look at the spirit days this week and other information about Homecoming.

On October 10th, we’ll start the week off with Monochromatic Monday. For this, wear something that all matches one color. It could be blue, pink, black, or any color your heart desires. Moving on to Tuesday, October 11th, it’s Country vs. Country club day. Wednesday, October 12th is Grill Dad vs. Soccer Mom. Thursday, October 13th, we have Bikers vs. Surfers. And Friday, October 14th is PHS out and Anything but a Backpack. Each class earns spirit points for each person dressed up for spirit week, so make sure to dress up! Each day you dress up, you win a Dreamworld Zero sugar coke from the Hawke Shop during your lunch period. 

On Friday, October 14th, the Homecoming football game will take place at our very own Roy Anderson Field from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Our Seahawks will be playing against Capital’s Cougars. This game celebrates the 75th anniversary of PHS, and PHS alumni will be coming to watch it. Come and show your Peninsula spirit by wearing all pink for breast cancer awareness month! 

The Homecoming dance will be hosted at Peninsula High School in the main gym on Saturday, October 15th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. No one will be allowed into the dance after 9:00 pm whether you have a ticket or not. The theme of the dance is American Cities. Each class chose their own American City to represent on their wall in the commons. The class of 2023 chose Seattle, the class of 2024 chose Miami, the class of 2025 is New York, and the class of 2026 is New Orleans. You do not have to dress up according to the theme. Make sure to stop by the bookkeeper this week to buy your ticket. It is $8 for those with ASB and $10 without ASB or at the gate. There will be no refunds on tickets and no-re entry. Everyone MUST HAVE ID to enter the dance. Only Peninsula students with ID can buy tickets at the gate. You will not be allowed to bring in any large bags or backpacks. DO NOT WEAR SHOES WITH BLACK SOLES OR HEELS TO THE DANCE BECAUSE OF THE GYM FLOORS! 

In conclusion, that’s a wrap-up of this week. We have Spirit Week going on, the game against Capital on Friday, and the Homecoming dance on Saturday. Now let’s show that Peninsula Spirit!