Why Donate Blood?

Why Donate Blood?

Ellie Hood

On December 9th, Peninsula High School held their annual blood drive. All day long, the trucks were parked outside the commons as students who wanted to donate filed onto and off of the trucks.

Everyone knows that it’s important to donate blood, but why? During first lunch, I went an interviewed both students that donate blood and the HOSA students that ran the blood drive. In the interviews, I asked why they personally donate blood, and why it is important to do so?

“I have O negative blood,” shared senior Lexy Holden. “As a universal donor, I feel that it is my responsibility to the human race to make sure that other people can get medical help.”

Similar to Lexy, English teacher Ms. Jinneman has a rare blood type. The only difference is that she and others with her blood type can only receive that specific type of blood in a crisis, not even O negative. “If I ever needed I blood, I would hope that someone with my blood type had donated, so to help others with my blood type, I donate,” she explained.

While having a rare blood type is a good reason to donate, it’s not a necessity. In the words of senior Kyle O’Brien, “I’m helping people, so why not? Not everyone can give blood, but I can, so I do.”

It’s easy to think “oh, I don’t need to donate blood, there are plenty of other people doing it” or “am I even making a difference?” “One person donating blood helps three people.” Senior Maddy Beck shared. “And there are so many people that need blood.”

“It’s just a quick pinch to save lives,” junior Alexis Moore added. “Might as well.”

“It’s a really easy opportunity to give back to someone in need,” shared junior Hope Flanigan. “Some people may be afraid of the needle, but the overall benefit is worth the poke.”

After interviewing the students, I had the privilege to talk to Patricia Hernandez, who runs the entire blood drive alongside HOSA. “There is no substitute for blood,” she said passionately. “You can’t buy it or manufacture it; blood can only come from human beings.” Ms. Hernandez thanks Peninsula High School for being a huge support in the blood drive. She also shared that the blood donated this year will be sent to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital to help save the lives of kids.


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