Weight Lifting

Alexander Johnston, Writer

Students often look at PE electives as a free period or a waste of space, but in reality, they are extremely beneficial to the students lifestyle and extracurricular activities. One specific class that provides benefits that students often neglect due to school and sports is weight lifting.  

Luckily, Peninsula offers a weight lifting class that provides a base to learn proper lifting as well as strength gains and physical ability.  In this class, students are instructed with a warm up of dynamic stretches as well as lifting techniques. They then go to the weight room and are constantly working for the period until they change. They also have strength goals for every month that they try to hit.    

Not only does the class provide strength gains as well as body improvement, these benefits transfer into other activities such as sports. As an American high school, our pride and joy is our football team, and something that changed our team for the better was an incorporation of lifting.  

Weight lifting allowed them to perform much better in football. Although it is not as intense, the weight lifting class does add an additional advantage to students play sports and any advantage should be taken. The weight lifting class allows benefits to student athletes, but it helps everyone. Students who take the class often see the benefits and take the class repeatedly due to the excellent feeling of athleticism.  

The weight lifting class is an excellent way for athletes and regular students to get  a good work out in as well as save time for later in the day. The class also keeps them on track and does not allow slacking that everyone faces when they go to the gym.