Speech and Debate

Hailey Ruckle, Writer

The goal of this club is to “promote interscholastic debate, oratory and public speaking” states Mrs. Swainstion. There is a category for everyone, members will be competing in regional tournaments.The head coach is Mrs. Swainston and the assistant coach is Mr.Kendall. With after school hours Mondays and Thursdays this club is not only a group, but can be individual time where you can make new friends and learn how to agree and disagree in a clean environment. When Mrs. Swainston was in high school she joined speech and debate and was one of the captains. She has a lot of experience and would love to share it with you. The club is open until the end of September, so don’t wait to sign up. If you’re interested or wanting to check it out, come and stop by room 201 and talk to Mrs. Swainston or Mr.Kendall. For more information go to the Peninsula official website or the PHS speech and debate website.