Thoughts on Student Loans

Toby Spurlock and Clare Dickson

When it comes to college, a lot has changed over the years, including the price you have to pay and how to prepare for it. Many adults that went to college 30 years ago also agree that college has changed.

Mr. Brown, a Physical Education teacher here at Peninsula High School, had a few things to say on the subject and just about college in general. Mr. Brown was born in California and moved to Washington to go to Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA and graduated from there, he got a full ride athletic scholarship off swimming so he didn’t have to pay off student loans, but he went to a few more colleges before that to get credits from each college. He would say “that college cost a lot more now than it used to”. He says it’s a lot more work. But he does say now when you pay you get what you pay for since colleges have evolved from 30 years ago today and he also said while he wouldn’t know how it would affect you to pay so much out of your student loans because he got a full ride but he said he would imagine it would be very stressful for life after college. This is a very good point that brings up the question, is the money spent on college all worth it in the end?

Holly Reynolds, a pediatrician who graduated from Liberty University also had to say a few things on the matter, Holly didn’t have to pay with student loans because she got a full ride scholarship for soccer, but she did say costs for college should be lowered because it would give more people opportunity that didn’t have a lot of money. She said “the experience she had in college was unforgettable and wishes she could go back because of how much fun it was and how much she learned.

  Braeden Potter is currently a senior this year at Peninsula and he will soon be moving on to Washington State University. His opinion on the price of college, is that it is extremely expensive and hard to pay for. Braeden hopes he will not have to use student loans but unfortunately he “would not be surprised if it came to that.” As an incoming college student, Braeden’s biggest concern is having to live on his own for the first time in his life. I am sure that this is a common concern for young adults, having been helped with basic caring needs for most of their lives. Becoming an adult comes with a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility. College students need to do their own laundry, keep their space clean, maintains social relationships, while simultaneously trying to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

   With all of that responsibility and freedom, also comes a lot of pressure. College students are put under immense amounts of pressure for academics. Aris Sanders is a senior at Peninsula who will be attending Pepperdine University in the fall, and she received many academic scholarships and she will be studying law at Pepperdine. Aris thinks that “the price for college is kind of outrageous, but if you work hard in high school and get scholarships it’s a lot easier.” Sanders continues, “It is a very prestigious school and I just want to help live up to the name.” This is what Aris is most nervous about for the next upcoming four years.  Aris Sanders recommends working hard in high school and earning either academic or athletic scholarships.

John Davis is an accountant who studied at Arizona State, and he has paid off all student loans and owes no money to his school. In college, he worked along with doing and completing school. John says, “I don’t regret my decision to work through college because it made getting a job a lot easier without carrying all the debt.” In college, it is best to make good economic decisions for yourself. Have fun but work hard as well, because it costs a lot of money and it is the start as your life as an adult.

       So overall, most people have the same opinions on college prices and experiences. It is very expensive but everyone thinks it is worth the massive cost. The experiences you have, the things you learn, and the people you meet, all make it worthwhile. As for paying off student loans and being able to afford the whole cost.