How to Prepare for School Over the Summer


Ashlynn Holmes

Write down a to do list to prepare for school

Ashlynn Holmes, Reporter

Starting school can be difficult and stressful. Whether someone is new to a school, just going into high school, or have already been going to high school.  Students have most likely wished there was something they could do. Many students want to prepare themselves mentally, physically, AND emotionally over summer so the beginning of school will be the best it can be. With this in mind; current students, teachers, and principal Goodwin of PHS gave their advice and experiences to help.

The first question, of course, is whether summer break is necessary or not. It’s no surprise that everyone interviewed said it was. But, why is it so important? Most said it gives the opportunity to relax, grow up, and change. Though, one response really stood out. Mrs. Beloate, a teacher at Peninsula High School said “ As human beings, we’re used to beginnings and ends. New beginnings and clear endings[…] I think summer represents freedom.” What was taken from her explanation was that summer is an end goal and that goal is the freedom to have fun and have cool experiences. With that, she also mentioned that when school approaches no one wants to leave that freedom behind and that’s what makes the transition so difficult.

Along with that, many wonder how one should prepare and what would help. Middle School teacher Mrs.Durham said she would look up college requirements so she knew what classes she needed to take. This would help relieve stress and anxiety. A common recommendation was to adjust sleep schedules two to three weeks before the start of school. This, of course, is to help fall asleep easier and make sure you’re well rested. Durham also said “I would recommend that they make a decision about what kind of person they what to be and that they are true to their beliefs” To elaborate, a student must decide what kind of person they want to be, good or bad. Also that one should do what they know is right to them and not others.Which helps with the mental and emotional side of school preparation. Beloate mentioned that her favorite thing to do when she was about to start school, or whenever she was having a hard time, was to make chocolate chip cookies and drink diet coke. She says having a special “ritual” that she could do whenever she felt necessary really helped her through rough times.

Often, people give typical advice on starting high school, such as get sleep and study, but 9th grader Chloe Lee has more in-depth advice. She says that “Getting school supplies earlier so you can get things that you need with no rush”. This is helpful information since many students do last minute school supplies shopping, this could result in stress, forgetting something important, or not finding what is needed.

Some say that school clothes shopping plays into a better start to the school year, freshman Kamryn Enos shares that “Clothes can lead to better confidence”. Clothing can help express personality and really help find who one is as a person. Also, when getting new clothes, it gives the feeling of excitement at the thought of going back to school and showing them off. Enos says that one of the first things she does when the school year is about to start is going clothes shopping, which is a tradition for Enos. Along with this, she starts getting organized and shops for school supplies.

Photo of Kamryn Enos with her school supplies

All in all, school isn’t usually the first thing one wants to think about when enjoying a break. However, preparing for school in advance can greatly help students and staff become more mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the upcoming year. The beginning of the school year affects everyone differently but it’s important that each and every person is comfortable and ready for another year of education and the creation of new memories. Lastly, staff and teachers are at school to assist so if help is needed, they’re a great resource.