Gig Harbor 72 Hour Film Challenge


Gig Harbor 72 Hour Film Festival

Clare Dickson, Reporter

Every year for the past 7 years, there has been a film competition held in our very own Gig Harbor.  Around the springtime, fellow creative minds gather together for a friendly test of talent, experience, and passion for short film creation. Artists are given 72 hours to attempt to create an award worthy short film that matches specific criteria and themes.

 The overall winning film for this year was made by Christopher Kerr and his team. According to Melanie Kerr, the spokesperson for the film festival, the film was “very simple and beautiful, but well told.”  The film was titled Café Diem, and was about two strangers that meet in a coffee shop and their story jumps off from there.

For the competition, there are specific creative requirements that filmmakers need to meet in their films. This year, two of the requirements were that an apple needs to be dropped at some point, and someone needed to say the line “that’s not how I would’ve handled it.”

 The films are judges based on creativity, quality, the story, and ability to use the elements. There is usually a panel of 5 judges that consist of filmmakers, instructors, directors, and other people that have a similar passion and knowledge of this art form.

 The Gig Harbor film festivals and challenges are a good way to get involved in the community and have fun doing something you love. You get to see other creative minds at work, and get an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and your talents.