Strange Holidays You’ve Never Heard Of


Sarah Oatridge

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Aislinn O'reilly, Reporter

In the United States there are thousands of strange holidays that most people have never heard of. Of course, everyone has heard of the major holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Valentines day and so on. Most have also heard of the more obscure holidays, like Doctor Seuss Day and Pi Day. But almost no one is aware of the multiple holidays happening each day. For example, there are many holidays that raise awareness of diseases or raise money for certain programs. Other holidays celebrate food. Many celebrate animals or pets. Some of these celebrations are so strange or interesting that an explanation is necessary.

Chinese language day takes place on April 20th. This day highlights Chinese literature, poetry, and language. On this day, showcase events are held to show off the beauty and history of the Chinese language. Chinese authors will often teach workshops and seminars. Students learning Chinese should celebrate this holiday and attend some of the seminars in order to improve their knowledge of Chinese culture and language.

On February 20th, Hoodie-Hoo Day is celebrated. While it may sound foolish, Hoodie Hoo day is a copyrighted holiday celebrated at noon, where people go outside, wave their hands above their heads, and yell “Hoodie Hoo!” Research shows that this holiday’s intention is to wash away the boredom of winter and to hopefully bring spring in. This holiday was created because by mid February, everyone is desperate for some sunlight and sick of the cold weather. Hoodie Hoo day is only an official holiday in the northern hemisphere, but the entire world is welcome to celebrate it.

Girl Scouts is a national organization that teaches young girls important leadership skills. National Girl Scout day takes place on March 12th. This date is so important to the Girl Scouts because it marks the creation of the first ever troop in 1912. Kaylee Geiss has been a loyal member of Girl Scouts for 9 years. She said that her time in her troop “…Has taught me to do good things for my community and to volunteer for many different occasions. It has also taught me to be a good part of a group and to have fun.” The girl scouts do great work around the nation and a day celebrating their inspiring work is well earned.

Socks are forbidden on the 8th of May because it’s No Socks Day! No Socks Day allows people to break out their sandals and free their toes from being trapped inside of socks. This fun holiday not only promotes fun in the sun, but it also lessens participants laundry load. As a result, this holiday is healthy for the environment! No Socks Day is a great way to celebrate warm weather and reduce the amount of water used in a day.

June 18th marks National Splurge day. This is a highly anticipated holiday where participants are encouraged to treat themselves to whatever they desire. Some people choose to binge on their favorite treats frequently, but this day is a wonderful way for everyone to spoil themselves together. The June days prior to the 18th are usually spent dieting and saving money so that when the day comes, the food will taste better and the budget for indulging will be much greater. National Splurge Day encourages everyone to reward themselves without limit.

When the summer heat is too much, ice cream is a great way to cool down. July 1st is when creative Ice Cream Flavor Day is celebrated. This day can make ones trip to the ice cream parlor more exciting. This day is anticipated by adventurous eaters and very profitable for the ice cream industry. If one wants to celebrate more, they can create their own wacky flavors. Having a crazy ice cream party is an ideal way to celebrate this holiday and a creative way to get together with friends over the summer.

Fight Procrastination Day is a very useful tool for students and adults who struggle to get their work done on time. On September 6th, people are encouraged to take care of all the projects they’ve set aside. Almost everyone is guilty of putting of their work until the last minute, but lots of people struggle with this on a daily basis. On Fight Procrastination Day, procrastinators all around the world can come together and go the extra mile to finish all of their unfinished assignments. Students in high school struggle with procrastination constantly. A student named Amanda Clough said that when she gets all of her work done, “It really helps me to stay as non stressed as possible because I know I have all my stuff done and it allows me to relax knowing there isn’t something more important I could be doing”. Pushing things off until tomorrow is too easy. But getting it done today greatly benefits the future and overall reduces stress. This holiday helps procrastinators catch up on everything they need to get done with.

It is very easy to create a holiday, the necessary steps to start one with friends is simply thinking of a holiday, spreading awareness to your friends, and eventually it will be spread around the community. Anastin Lindsay, a Junior in high school, was happy to share her original holiday. Her holiday is called “Happy happy happy grass day. It’s a celebration of nature and the outdoors. It would take place on the first day of spring, and you could celebrate by going outside with your family and enjoying nature.” Starting a holiday puts creativity into action and can result in an annual community event.

Overall, these wacky holidays should be celebrated more. They are a great way to bring family and friends together, have fun, and make memories. People should take the time to research holidays that they find interesting and plan on ways to celebrate them, or even create an original holiday. Celebrations can be simple like donating to the charity of the day. Or, they could be major celebrations such as throwing a party based on the holiday. Either way, trying out new holidays is a fun activity that can bring excitement into ordinary days.