It’s Spring! What is PHS Wearing?


Kathleen Thomas

Kay Thomas posing in her spring outfit

Ashlynn Holmes, Reporter

Now that spring has finally arrived, there is a new variety of clothing options. All the winter clothes are going in the closet and spring favorites are coming out. Of course, there is the general articles of clothing for warm weather; shorts, tank tops, and floral patterns. The question is, what are students at PHS wearing?

Many actually said they continue to wear jeans but wear sweatpants much less. Freshman, Cody McFarland, is one of these commentators. He says “I wear sweatshirts and hoodies much less due to the warm and sunny weather.” Instead he wears t-shirts, more specifically his favorite monster truck shirt.

When asked why they enjoyed spring, most said because of the warm weather or spring break. Katie Jensen was more specific, she enjoys spring because of the pretty flowers. Jensen said “All the pretty flowers are blooming and it makes me happy.” Her favorite article of clothing for spring is her tank top with a floral pattern. She says there is obviously no question as to why it’s her favorite.

Besides what they are personally wearing, students were asked what they think is most popular to wear this season. Hunter Drews, Freshman, said he thinks shorts are most commonly worn. Drews also says that he notices sandals and flip flops. He also mentioned that he enjoys spring because football season starts.

Though, with seasons changing, what clothes are people happy to put in the closet? Drews and McFarland both said they will not miss wearing puffy winter jackets at all. McFarland said “They’re just too bulky and not ideal to wear at school.” Others did not think there was any winter clothes they disliked wearing.

Spring is full of flowers and warm weather most enjoy it for those reasons. McFarland says he enjoys spring because of the sun but he would much rather have it be summer. He said “Spring is a waste of time, I just want it to be summer”. Drews is just happy it is not super cold anymore. With the weather continuing to get warmer, there is going to be a lot more variety in clothing which many are excited to see.