The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Katie Clark, Reporter

Have you ever thought for one second? About what teenagers thought of Valentine’s day have you ever thought of what Could be there Opinions On it or at least What they do to Celebrate this Holiday.


This holiday we all know and love had came from the ancient Romans – back then love showed each and every one of our feelings for one another and had made us feel happiness and joy.

Now, this holiday started to create traditions and gifts for this local holiday such as flowers, cards, candy; gifts to show affection. Using wealth and or other forms of showing love is kinda silly; however, if you think about it that was truly where the holiday came from – to show love and happiness to others.

Others can agree that this holiday is truly marvelous and a peaceful holiday to have others be with the ones they care about, especially for those who come home after being in the military. They have been away from their own families for a long period of time and so to see them on such holidays is a happy sight.

Valentine’s Day can mean many things to people and there are opportunities to do things with children, boyfriends, girlfriends, wife or even just your parents – whoever you hold dear in your heart.

Valentines day does not always have to be about loving your partner, it should also be about loving your family and those who had been there. Friends are the people who be there through your embarrassing, angry, sad, and funny times. This holiday is also about caring for others and that can be toward anyone.

Valentine’s Day can be stressful with worrying about what gifts you should give to others, here are some things you can make by hand in case things just get to pricy, furthermore id like to show you all what these people thought of valentines day. Miss mikneish said

I like valentines day, i like to get things for my sisters on valentines day because i know they have partners as well but there also my sisters so i want to give them things and i like to give gifts for for my mom, and i like to acknowledge my family on valentine’s day.” Her words were very open, she thought of Valentine’s Day as day of giving to your family and being with your friends and the most important part was she thought of others.

“I love valentine’s day, i think it’s an opportunity to celebrate those you love and all that makes you feel warm and fuzzy,” Miss Ramirez said. Her opinion was simple but warming since Valentine’s Day is all about love and care for others.

Solaris Ortiz said “I think valentine’s day is a day where you don’t gotta be with anyone to be happy, you can always hang out with your friends or give them chocolate or any other gifts and you don’t need anyone on valentines day to be happy.” These are the words of someone who truly thinks of Valentine’s Day as a day of hope and friendship not just love and relationships and that’s the most important thing.

And finally Tambrelin said “I don’t like valentines day, I think we should have a different holiday, I just don’t like celebrating a day about love it’s just dumb and I don’t like all the pink colors and decoration.” She had her own words to say – not everyone likes this holiday.