2019 Super Bowl Commercials


Mason Hyde, Reporter

Every year, the Super Bowl is one of the most viewed televised programs in the United States. Along with the biggest NFL game of the season, comes an incredible amount of commercials that play. With 98.2 million people watching the Super Bowl, these commercials do all they can to catch a good number of eyes and earn more revenue from their products. Obviously, some commercials are better than others. Some companies won big after the big game, while others, not as well.

The Super Bowl advertisements in 2019 were something special. Many of them portrayed a wide variety of emotions and thoughts.

Peninsula High School junior, Kaleb Lichau, felt Amazon’s Alexa commercial “was well put together and showed how quality Amazon’s Alexa really is.” Amazon gave the nation a few laughs while describing how the company went through different prototypes on the product.

Doritos has made funny commercials for years. However, this year they decided to change their style a little and appeal to the younger adults by having Chance the Rapper rap about their new product, remixing “I Want it That Way”, by The Backstreet Boys, while having an upbeat commercial. Junior Zoe Erkers “loved that Doritos had Chance the Rapper sing about their new chip flavor. [She] thought it was great.”

The NFL took the storm with their ‘NFL 100’ commercial, commemorating their upcoming centennial season. The commercial featured many NFL stars, such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, among many others. Some fans, such as junior Peyton Bice, even said “there was more action in this commercial than the actual Super Bowl.” A large number of events happened in the advertisement, starting with Marshawn Lynch trying to sneak a little bit of cake, causing the golden football to fall, and just about every football legend to battle for the ball.

Pepsi gave the nation some laughs with its ‘More than Okay’ commercial. The advertisement came to feature Cardi B, Lil Jon, and Steve Carell. Carell went on to explain that many people think Pepsi is “okay” to Coca Cola, and that people have their own twists on “okay”. Cardi B went to demonstrate her “Okurrr”, while Lil Jon yelled “okay”, showing why “okay” is not bad.

All in all, the commercials that aired during Super Bowl LIII lived up to the expectations of different, quality, and overall hilarious. Viewers enjoyed watching their favorite celebrities in a different setting than usual. Many were successful, and helped bring the companies on top.