Superstar Students

Sarah Oatridge, Reporter

High school is tough for everyone at moments, for some more than others. We definitely all need to take a step back sometimes, breathe, and give ourselves a little recognition — maybe even a good pat on the back. You deal with a lot on a weekly basis and here you are, still breathing, showing up, and (hopefully) haven’t dropped out. Some of us have chosen to take on heavy course loads, some put more time in sports, arts, or music and on top of that we have friends/family responsibilities and life “surprises”. There are many ways students choose to go about their high school experience and that’s totally fine, there’s no right or wrong way there’s just your way and you’re never alone.

Over the past few weeks while interviewing some students at Peninsula High School (PHS), it was clear they were all very bright kids taking on high school in different ways. They shared responses about their goals, what’s been important to them throughout high school and who’ve they looked up to for help and inspiration. It seemed almost all the interviews showed that grades are on everyone’s mind and is clearly the most common main focus. For many students this means lots of stress and pressure but  students like Kelsey Turner (senior) show us it doesn’t have to be like that. She wrote, “I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay to be relaxed about your schoolwork.”

There was one student who also answered surprisingly different then the others. Yazmin Saber wrote, “My main focus through high school has been to try my hardest no matter what.” This response is important because a lot of times we can lose track of our well being in the process of chasing our goals instead of just simply “trying our hardest no matter what”.

Another response along the same lines is from Mia Longen, a Peninsula sophomore, said “I would tell myself that stressing yourself out so much to the point where you have a breakdown isn’t worth it.” Things can get pretty overwhelming at times but is never worth driving yourself mad over even if you are one of those students who chooses to take on heavier course loads.

Lastly, Emma Lofdaul, a senior, said “To enjoy high school more, time goes by fast. One day you’re a freshman then the next day you’re a senior. So take your time and make as many memories as possible.”

This is very valuable advise to take with you especially with finals this week. Most people are really good at keeping themselves together on the outside so it makes it easy to think you are the only one struggling at times. Of course it is always important to try your hardest but remember to take care of yourself in the process, reach out if you need to and be proud of everything you do!