George H.W. Bush


Baylen Quintana-Blea, Reporter

George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts. He 
served as the 41st American president from 1989 – 1993. He recently had passed away on 
November 30 just this last year. But what did he mean to the American people as a president 
and what was his real significance in this country?
Before he became president, he had served 
in WWII. He had joined the military just after he had graduated from high school. At that time, he 
was America’s youngest commissioned pilot. After WWII, he eventually started to get into 
In 1964, he won the republican nomination for the senate seat for the state of Texas, but 
lost the election as a whole. A couple years had gone by and at this point he had won a seat in 
the House of Representatives, where he served 2 terms. Richard Nixon had made Bush the 
ambassador to the United nations, and after the watergate scandal, Bush was the one who 
advised Nixon to step down from presidency before being impeached.
After this, he was made the head of the CIA but then later stepped down in January of 1977. Then, 1980’s came around. 
He had originally ran for the republican nomination for being elected president but soon lost to 
Ronald Reagan. After the nomination, Reagan had picked Bush to run as vice president with 
him in the election. They won that election, and then another one after that making Bush serve 
two years as Vice President under Reagan. Then the next election came around and Bush had 
been chosen as the Republican nomination for president, he ran with Vice President Dan 
People that had voted for Bush and Quayle were interviewed and stated their opinions 
on why the voted, and what they thought that Bush did good, or bad. “He knew a way to solve 
ongoing social problems in America that needed to be solved.” Suzanne Graham said.
“Saddam Hussein was threatening our country and he needed to be stopped,” David Graham said. What David Graham is referring to 
is the american involvement in the Gulf War. In August of 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded 
Kuwait for its oil, and then Bush had sent the military to stop it. After about 4 years, the coalition 
had won the Persian Gulf War. Shortly after Bush announced that he was going to run for 
another term in the office. After the Persian Gulf War victory, it seemed as though Bush would 
gain more popularity after it, but the news was his popularity was weakening.
Many people thought the way he ended the war was not the right way. “I supported Bush through the War, but 
the end of it kind of made me question his Presidency for another term.” Jessica Graham said. The 1992 
election ended in a Clinton presidency, and after that the Clintons were just about done with 
politics. George and Barbara Bush moved back to their house back in Texas to continue with 
their lives privately, but then obviously their son, George W. Bush, became president for another two terms.

In 2018 on November 30, he died of simply of old age. His legacy will forever be remembered in the American people. “Even though there were times that things seemed to go for the worse, he helped aid our nation any way that he could.” Crystal Graham said. Rest in peace George, and a great thank you from the American people.