Loved and Regretted Piercing Stories

Loved and Regretted Piercing Stories

Ashlynn Holmes, Reporter

As years have gone by, piercings have become more and more popular. Though, sometimes a piercing is not all it makes out to be. When getting a piercing, there’s a chance you will absolutely love it or totally regret it. Around Peninsula High School, many staff and students have experienced the exciting opportunity of obtaining body jewelry.

If all is well, the piercee ends up happy and satisfied. PHS teacher Amanda Balera was lucky enough to have good experiences and was extremely pleased with her final results. She has two lobe piercings on both ears and also has the tragus of her right ear pierced. One of her experienced was highly eventful, when getting her tragus pierced her friend who had gone with her passed out right in Balera’s lap from the amount of blood. Since then, Balera has considered getting her nose pierced but has not yet reached a decision.

Student, Rachael Mack-ward had a happy ending to her piercing story. Mack-ward, like Balera has her tragus pierced. She originally regretted it because the jewelry would get caught on clothing and earbuds causing the piercing to become irritated. After trying different styles of jewelry she was able to find one that worked for her everyday life. Now she is very pleased and hopes to get spider bites later on.

Some piercees aren’t as lucky. Abi Losh for instance, got her lip pierced. At first she loved it but after a few months she realized the piercing just wasn’t for her. She originally wanted the piercing because she liked how it looked on other people. After experiencing judgement from other people, Losh decided she didn’t like having the lip piercing. Currently, Losh only wears a single lobe piercing for both ears and plans to get her nose pierced.

Lastly, student Gage Pinnel had a unique piercing experience. Pinnel attempted to pierce his own nose with a friend. The interesting part is it wasn’t with a needle, but  thumbtack. There were two attempts, the first one ended in the piercing being too high. The second attempt, the thumbtack almost went through Pinnel’s septum. He also pierced his ears, which he then went to have professionally done. Pinnel had decided to get piercings because he wanted to know what it would be like. After having them for a few months he decided they weren’t for him. Pinnel explained that he received dirty looks and judgement from people around school. He got tired of putting up with the negative comment and decided to take his piercings out.

Overall, each person has their own experience may it be good or bad. Many are lucky enough to have a positive experience without anything crazy happening. Though, some say they enjoyed having something unexpected happen because it makes the experience more memorable. Most of the piercees said that it was a learning experience that they’re thankful for. Even though they regret the piercing. Another lesson learned was that you shouldn’t do your own piercings unless you’re certified to do so.