Haunted Forests in Port Orchard



Scary trees, spooky forest

Katie Clark, Reporter

Who is ready to get scared this Halloween?  There are many events happening near you, where you and all others can go.

The Haunted Forests in Port Orchard, at Grand Farms, is a very popular place. At this place people get t shirts, food, and take pictures with the scariest actors: jesters, werewolves, and much more to send shivers down your spine.

This photo depicts the scary door into the haunted forests where the screams await. There are creatures all around this event, waiting to draw the fear out of you. In this forests, there is a man with a chainsaw hiding in the shadows. Additionally, there is a laughing jester preparing to jump out the bushes. If one desires to come here be prepared  to have fun!

For local photographers there is always great spots to snap a picture. The full moon, actors, and forest, have energy to inspire shots.

Although this event can be pricey, the price is worth it. While waiting in line they play various movies on a big screen! The staff passes out hot cocoa, coffee, cider, and many other hot beverages to warm up the visitors.

Daniel Shurr, an actor at this haunted forests who dressed as a jester, has experienced the scary forests. He has been doing this since last year, and he absolutely  loved it since he gets paid and he loves to scare people. It may not be a hobby for him, but he likes to do it for the thrill, “It’s a good way to help out while they were setting up this event, so if anyone would like to volunteer for this scary event you should try. I bet it would be a very exciting thing! And you get paid.”

The owners of the haunted forests who made this all possible really wanted to entertain people and give them a good scare. Their goal is to have a fun event for the kids, and they wanted to raise money by putting all this together. They may not have dressed up, but they had planned it all out and decided which costumes and themes were best.