Garrick Dotson

Hunter Reed, Reporter

Garrick Dotson was picked as an  artist for the month of November because of his realistic artwork and art teacher Curtiss Hall strongly recommended him to be noticed for his outstanding work. Our staff sat down and talked with him.

1. Q: What is your name and grade?

A: “Garrick Dotson and eleventh.”

2. Q: What type of artwork do you do?

A: “I like doing realistic artwork and a graffiti type stuff “

3. Q: Who are you inspired by?

A: “Well, probably my dad because he does a lot of art.”

4. Q: What’s your favorite art piece and why?

A: His favorite artwork is Flower Thrower made by Banksy, an outlaw in the United Kingdom for art terrorism.

5. Q: Will you continue to pursue this artwork in the future? Why?

A: “ Yes, most definitely, I feel like its something I could maybe find a career in.”

6. Q: How often do you practice this art form?

A: “ I doodle in class all the time and at home I see a cool image and I draw something like it, but yeah I draw a lot. “