Phone Addiction: Is it Getting Worse?


Brandon Grover, Alex Taylor, Cortney Stacio, David Fenn, Sierra Haddick, Giuseppe Campagnoli, Photo taken by Kain Brandt

Sierra Haddick, Reporter

 How many people do you see on their phones as you walk around in a school or on a busy street? Or maybe you’re on your phone too and don’t notice?

Did you know over 1.6 million people die from car crashes due to the distraction of phones a year? Our phone addiction is increasing as technology continues to improve, and some people have become curious as to why we are becoming addicted as well as if it’s good or bad for our health. Over the years our phones have become a bigger part of our lives, and now in 2018, we ask the question of what is the effect of our addiction to technology. Almost everywhere we look, there is someone with a phone in their hand.

There was a test performed on a professor named Anderson Cooper in a 60 minute film on where they checked his pulse for 15 minutes as someone texted him. The professor wasn’t allowed to check his phone until the 15 minutes had passed. Each time his phone chimed with a text his pulse increased and showed us the stress our phones were causing us. We constantly check our phones without realizing it hasn’t even been more than 10-15 minutes. This can be problematic when you are in a class because your focus is somewhere else and you’re not paying attention to the teacher/professor and then you don’t really learn anything.

After talking to students about their opinion on phone addiction, they admit it’s getting worse as time moves forward. They are aware of phone addiction but still have yet to do anything about it. Dennis Yefimov says “because I don’t personally have a phone I believe phone addiction has gotten worse, and now it’s even more apparent.”  

  After talking to teachers about their perspective on phone addiction they all agree that over the years they haven’t seen anyone as addicted to technology as the 2021 generation. Phones have never been such an issue, but they can come in handy when you need to look things up.  

  Even with these problematic conditions phones can cause, they can also help us be more aware of the space around us. They can also help with our education and other life skills necessary for certain jobs. Phones weren’t meant to be bad as a means of communication, but don’t get pulled in by the other things that can become addicting, such as Snapchat.

As time continues and our smartphones continue to improve, keep in mind the possible hazards of becoming addicted to your phone. It’s easy to slip into an addiction without even realizing it. Phone addiction can even affect your mental and physical health. So consider putting your phone down the next time you’re in a car or with a friend because who knows what can come of this rising addiction.