Teacher Spotlight- Ms. Kurtz


Isabella Filkins

Peninsula High School prides itself on having a loving and welcoming student body. But who is it that teaches the love and compassion practiced every day on campus? The staff. Who better to spotlight during our February share the love month than one of our very own english teachers, Andrea Kurtz.

Kurtz started off her twenty seven year teaching career as a choir and music teacher in Puyallup School District. “I also taught music at a Waldorf School, and taught voice privately,” said Kurtz. She made her switch to Peninsula High School in 1997, where she now is one of the best in the english department. An appropriate position, considering that english is Kurtz’s favorite subject to teach.

“I get to learn about other’s perspectives and others’ ways of thinking and being in the world.” said Kurtz. “Everyday is a new lesson; something new to look forward to.”

 Outside of teaching, Kurtz can be found playing piano, singing, cooking, and being anywhere outdoors alongside her motorcycle. Her true passion, however, is teaching- this is evident in her classes and the passion she encourages in her students. Kurtz is known for welcoming every student with open arms.

“Everyday when I walk into her class she can always brighten my day with her positive attitude and smile,” said Amanda Wong, a student in Kurtz’ Advanced Placement Language and Composition class.

The positive atmosphere that Kurtz creates is one thing that students love most about her. Kurtz is able to turn the dull assignments into fun activities that incorporate group work, love, and laughter. Kurtz embraces her student’s mistakes and tries to turn them into positive learning opportunities.

As March approaches and share the love month comes to a close, posters reminding us to “love each other” will be taken down. But with teachers like Kurtz who’s teaching style and life motto is “extend love and peace within”, our school is sure to continue sharing the love.