The Music Shaming Trap

Olivia Collins, Reporter

Shame is a universal feeling. However, we all feel it based on different things. Some money; some clothes. And one less talked about, music. To broaden that, one’s taste in music. Everybody has a different liking in music. Music can get personal and can form a connection with the fan so when someone bashes your music, it can hurt you.

I know the feeling when somebody bashes your favorite artist. It doesn’t feel too good. Being asked, “What type of music do you listen to?” makes me extremely nervous because I’m afraid of what they will think of me. People can base how they think of you because of the taste in music you have.

“I’ve always been really self conscious of what I listen to, I always keep my playlist on private. I guess it makes me feel like I’m supposed to like today’s music when I really don’t, but I still do my own things and listen to what I want to,” said Nikki Schobert, a freshman at PHS.

However, there is no exact answer to why people shame someone’s taste in music. To feel better about themselves? To make them look good? Everyone is different and has a different preference. Not everybody will like your music and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean your music is bad because to you the music you are listening to is great and there will be people who agree with you.

“I’ve been music shamed for listening to Bob Marley. I think music shaming is irrelevant because if they like it, why does it matter to you?” said Sarah Catterall, a freshman at PHS.

Some people find music shaming irrelevant but it’s not a good feeling when someone makes fun your music taste. There are more than one thousand genres in the world. But don’t listen to how others view your music. You like it and that’s all that matters.

“I don’t really care when people hates on the type of music I listen to because they don’t have to listen to it. It’s mine. Not yours. I’m happy with it,” said Sarah Catterall.

A small controversial topic about music is language barriers. Music has no language barrier and the way the artists creates their music has a powerful way to attract the fans attention, even though they might not understand the lyrics at all. There should be no reason why someone should bash someone’s taste in music just because it’s not American or in their language. I listen to a large variety of music; music in different languages is one of my favorite type of music to listen to. I usually tell people I listen to rap and call it good, but in reality there is so much more I listen to, I just keep it too myself. Music makes people happy and nobody should feel the need to stop listening to a certain artist or song just because someone said something negative about you liking them.

“Music shaming is really annoying and for some people it probably makes them feel like they can’t express themselves. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t let people hear me sing, see me dance, or read my writing because I’m afraid they’ll make fun of me,” said Schobert.

Music is meant to be fun and entertaining for people, so don’t tear them down just because you don’t like the same music as them.