La La Land: More Lifelike Than It Sounds


Aris Sanders

Molly Clark reviews the movie La La Land.

Molly Clark, Reporter

A contributing factor as to why I decided to review La La Land is that I just don’t know how to handle myself when I’ve seen something as perfect as this movie other than to write down my thoughts. And it’s about time I did that because it’s all I talk about and I can sense my friends and family getting annoyed with me.

La La Land is a musical about Mia and Sebastian, an aspiring actress and jazz musician who fall in love. Throughout the movie, the audience watches everything in Mia and Sebastian’s lives fall into place…kind of.

La La Land creates a dream world, filled with love and jazz, perfectly pinpointing the glamor of Los Angeles. There isn’t one part of the movie that’s unrealistic, making you think it could happen in the real world, outside of a movie.

With such a huge aspect of the movie consisting of Mia and Sebastian’s pursuit of their dreams, it’s the perfect movie for anyone aspiring to create art and be successful with it. As someone who creates art, watching this movie really hit my heart and made me want to work harder. You can’t help but feel inspired seeing how passionate everyone in La La Land is. On top of that, the movie shows the characters’ perseverance over years and years, eventually ending with everything falling in their favor. La La Land proves that if you work hard enough for something and put in enough hours, anything is attainable.

One particular scene that  touched my heart was the observatory scene: Mia and Sebastian begin to start floating after zero gravity sets in. Of course this moment itself was full of symbolic gestures, but it brought the audience into the beauty of theatre, which gives life to otherwise dull moments. This scene was one that just takes the audience away from the reality of the play and makes you forget you’re watching a movie. It’s the type of scene that engrosses you and makes you feel like you’re living the movie.

However, this scene wasn’t the only part that reminded me of how breathtaking theatre is. The entire movie experience reminded me of how much I love musicals and everything in their essence. I haven’t seen musical scenes this amazing in quite a long time.

A key part of La La Land is noticing how Mia and Sebastian’s love for each other inspires them to work harder for their dreams. Their passions for their careers motivated the other; the beauty of being with an artist.

Although the ending does leave you feeling hurt, I do think there is an important moral. La La Land is not a typical romance which ends in a happily ever after, but it doesn’t end on bad terms either. The movie ends with the pair smiling and happy for one another, sending the message that sometimes we meet people who inspire us and teach us to be the best versions of ourselves. This doesn’t guarantee these people will be with us for the entirety of our lives; people come, people go, and we learn from those experiences. La La Land shows that sometimes that’s enough.