When One Door Closes, Peninsula Opens Another


Lauren Gilman

Newton and Brewster welcoming students.

Victoria Reese, Reporter

Through the thickness of the morning air and the harsh cold mornings, two familiar voices ring out: our ASB president and secretary, Shafer Newton and Jonathan Brewster. Every morning, standing outside in the cold air, hands frozen, voices groggy, eyes half open, Newton and Brewster greet students coming off the buses.

“Sure I’m cold, but I made a commitment. It’s not about me, it’s about them. I’m doing everything for them,” said Newton.

Newton and Brewster made a pact beginning the 2016-17 school year to 100% dedicate to Peninsula. With everything they do, leading assemblies, serving in ASB, and supporting PHS at events, the two executives are are committed to making the school atmosphere welcoming.

“I haven’t missed a day, I once went and did it for half an hour then I went home and slept,” Newton said.

With a busy social life and even busier homework load, Newton and Brewster are going out of their way to spread kindness around Peninsula. Over the summer the officers of ASB traveled to Randle, Washington to attend Mt. Adams Leadership Camp. There, they learned the importance of names and greetings, how one “Hi! How are you?” in the morning can brighten someone’s day.

“By learning names and saying hello you have already made an impact to people’s lives,” said Brewster

Looking back at their four years at Peninsula, Newton and Brewster agree the biggest thing that has affected in them was the sense of community at Peninsula. Inspired by the school’s tone, they were determined to help in bringing everyone together by creating a loving community.

“Leadership isn’t defined through what your role is, it’s what you can do for others,” Newton said.