Pita Pit Review


Seth Walloch

Pita Pit located off Borgen Boulevard.

Quinlan Rogers and Seth Walloch

Pita Pit is a new, innovative way to make sub sandwiches in style. Recently, A Pita Pit was put in Gig Harbor, off Borgen Boulevard located next to Costco. One of the other Outlook reporters and I went to review the hype about Pita Pit and it topped our expectations.

Immediately walking in, we were warmly welcomed by the staff. It was very relaxed and everyone was very respectful and fully attended to the customers and their Pita Pit experience.

We got the chance to taste three total pitas: a breakfast pita, as well as two regular pitas. You decide exactly what goes into your pita, and it is grilled and combined together all in front of you. They fill up the pita with the meat you ordered and you can choose any toppings and sauces you want. They have all kinds of fresh vegetables and sauces. Our breakfast pita had eggs, hash browns, bacon, and sausage. We also had a buffalo chicken and a dagwood which had roast beef, turkey, and ham. It is a fantastic way to eat something healthy instead of your daily salad. Overall, the customer service was fantastic, and so was the food.

The style of how you get your pita is quick and easy. It is very entertaining and they are with you the whole way there. It is a great experience. They can also set you up with a rewards card so every time you purchase you can earn points towards getting a free pita.

If you are looking for something healthy and fresh and are tired of your cold cuts, go to Pita Pit. With all of their options, you won’t regret it!