Pokemon Go: A User Guide


Sydney Donahoe

Mark Muench gives tips and tricks to play Pokemon Go.

Mark Muench, Reporter

For those who are Pokemon Go players, it’s finally here, an article with the tips and tricks for catching more Pokemon. We have all played it, and most of us had to figure it out as we went along. The game is pretty easy but no one shares the little details that have made the game so addictive, challenging, and successful.

For those who have not played, here is the basic background of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go was made by Niantic Inc. a company that has produced the following popular games: Ingress, Field Trip, and Endgame. Before you go pulling out your piggy banks and checking your allowances, this app is free!

Pokemon Go is played by players moving around the natural or physical world to catch fictional or digital, Pokemon. The way a character catches Pokemon is by sliding a Pokeball up and releasing it to ‘throw’ it. The ball encompasses the creature and the phrase “gotcha” signifies when it has been captured.  For every Pokemon captured the player gains experience which allows them to level up and therefore, find stronger Pokemon to capture. When gaining levels, the person is able to do better in challenges and battles with other Pokemon Go players.

“Since July [I’ve been playing],” said Blake, a freshman at PHS and player of Pokemon Go.

Mark Lennon, a freshman at PHS, said he would recommend the game because “It’s appealing to all ages, my mother plays it, my sister plays it, my grandma wants to play it.” This game has truly affected everyone, family members and friends alike.

“When it first came out everyone was like, holy $%*#, but now it’s kinda like low-key,” said Nikki Schoberg, another PHS Outlook member.

Even though the game is no longer new, many players would still like to up their game. And for those try-hard gamers, here are your tips and tricks!

  • Throw a Curveball!
    • Curveballs are a great way for you to gain bonus XP and to pretend you can actually throw a curveball in real life…
    • How to: Take your Pokeball and spin it in small circles without releasing it. Then, while still curving but at a lesser degree, swing out and up to about halfway up your screen, then release the ball.
    • If done correctly you should see your Pokeball spin in a curve and successfully capture the Pokemon.
  • Save your Lucky Eggs!
  • Don’t waste your Pokeballs.
  • Go to shopping areas! These places are great for finding Poke Stops and making your way through the real world.
  • Turn AR (camera mode) off. This will save your battery, making it easier to catch those Pokemon.
  • Transfer the Pokemon that you have the most of; this way you can earn tons of candy. Make him/her your buddy and gain candy for it!
  • Pay attention to your surroundings! Although this may sound like fun and games (well actually, it is) many people have injured themselves by not looking where they are going. So don’t be one of them! Remember that one rare Pokemon isn’t worth hurting yourself.
  • When using Incense, walk around, this gives it a chance to pull in a wider variety of Pokemon.