PHS’s Got Talent


Amelia Wright

Talent Show today, April 8th, at 7pm.

Amelia Wright, Reporter

PHS surely does have talent! All of this year’s performers have worked really hard to make their performances perfect. Dancing, singing, and playing instruments are talents that will be at this year’s talent show.

Several amazing people have perfected their voices and will be singing to us. Talent doesn’t come easily to some; it takes hard work, practice, and a lot of courage. Emily Pounstone, Korren Miller, Sydney Payne, and Eric Wang are taking their courage to the next level. They will be singing solos in front of the huge audience for the talent show, with Pounstone singing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, Miller singing “Violin”, Payne singing “Rise Up”, Gabe Fobes stepped it up a notch and is both playing guitar and singing, and Wang is performing a rap for the audience.

“I’m super nervous,” said senior and performer, Sydney Payne. “I love to sing and I’m in productions all the time. But this feels different- my hands wont stop shaking!”

The show choir; boys’ show choir; the trio of Pou, Lexy, and Ciela; and the Gabe Gadbow-Riley Egge duo will be singing in groups. The show choir is singing an upbeat song, “Some Nights” by Fun.  Boys’ Show choir is singing “Stacy’s Mom”, while Gabe Gadbow and RIley Egge are singing an original song.

After getting to hear all of the beautiful voices, you will get to see dance routines. Carlie Rogers and Mikayla Creta will be doing a duo together, and there will also be a performance by J-Brew and the Dance Crew.

To end the night, Tanner Peavey and Riley Egge will play  the guitar and ukulele together before the Mystic Vines band performance finale.

So, on Friday at 7 pm, come out to PHS to watch this year’s amazing students! Admission is only $5.