Aida Launches into Success

Morgan Krueger, Reporter

If you missed out on the 2015 spring musical Aida, and have regretted the decision ever since, get ready to feel even more disappointed with that poorly made decision. It has been celebrated by the various people who attended, including a journalist for The Peninsula Gateway, Hugh McMillan, who remarked that Peninsula’s production of Aida was “better than Broadway.”

Even after two weeks of the show ending, the performers still get stopped in the halls by students and staff alike, congratulating them on their breathtaking performance and contribution to a truly memorable production.

Not only has Aida been praised by its audience, but it has also been nominated for not one, but two prestigious awards from the professional 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle. These awards are for outstanding choreography and outstanding lobby display.

Aida’s choreography was created by teacher Kara Beloate, with massive contribution from senior Makena Nelson. In no way would this play have been possible if Nelson had not helped in the various ways she did. Nelson also received a scholarship at this years scholarship awards ceremony for her distinguished participation in the arts department. There were countless other students who gave their all to make this production a success as well.

Aida’s lobby display consisted of mock Egyptian exhibits, actors posing as statues, and large banners. The most comments from the audience about the lobby were directed towards the mock statues. Because these performers stood so still, many thought that they were real statues.

All in all, the success of Aida has given more validity to the growing success of the Peninsula High School drama program for generations to come.