It’s Nerf or Nothing


Meghan Laakso, Reporter

For the 2015 senior class, it is hunt or be hunted as they take part in a Nerf War. For four weeks, 22 teams of no more than six members will be hashing it out in a series of on-going battles. Being a soldier comes with excitement, disappointment, a continuous feeling of paranoia, and a ten dollar entry fee.

Each week every team is assigned two other teams to hunt and two teams to be hunted by. The fun thing is each team knows who they are hunting but does not know who is hunting them. Things get a bit intense during the hunts. People are being held up in their homes for hours at a time, waiting for their competition to leave. Students are afraid to go to work, knowing that there is a possibility of getting shot while jogging across the parking lot to and from their car.

But how do you win? Well each week every team has the chance to earn a maximum 1200 points. If there are six people on one team then it is 100 points per ‘kill’. If there is only one person on a team, the kill is worth 600 points. At the end of the four weeks, the team with the most points will be the champions and earn a pretty decent pot of money.

The three seniors who made this all happen are Levi Alton, Katie Jackson, and Brett Shelley. They worked closely with a few Bellarmine students to create and compare a contract of rules that would set definite boundaries that apply to everyone. Before any team could participate, every member was required to sign the page in agreement. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to a disqualification for just the week or even the rest of the War.

Some of the rules and clauses are as follows:

  • I remain legally responsible for any personal actions I may take.
  • Nerf guns cannot be seen on the campus of Peninsula High School, including parking lots. If they are seen, security will confiscate them and you may be subject to disciplinary action, as well as disqualifying your team for the week.
  • I understand that this event is no way associated with Peninsula High School. Administration or law enforcement are not to be contacted in regards to Nerf Wars, this applies to parents as well.

Many parents and administrators do not understand and/or agree with the concept of the 2015 Nerf War. Most do not know what makes it such a big deal. Alton believes that the appeal of the hunt is what really drags people in.

“I think it is the suspense that people like the most,” said Alton. “It is essentially a huge game of tag with a twist of paranoia. You are always on edge.”

Whether you are a bystander or a participant in the War, you can not deny the excitement and high levels of fun that are keeping this years senior class on its toes.

*For the complete list of rules, an updated standings list, or to contact the creators, go to