Winter waves farewell, accepts Superintendent position


Last week, Principal Tim Winter officially accepted a position as Superintendent of the Clarkston School District in southeastern Washington. He will begin work at the beginning of July, following the resignation of current Superintendent Darcy Weisner.

Winter has worked at Peninsula for 13 years but has been in Education for 23. Before his position as Principal, he taught English for two years, was Dean of Students and ASB Advisor two years, Assistant Principal two years, and coached basketball. This is Winter’s seventh year as Principal.

Winter’s final month will be bittersweet as he prepares to leave behind memories and relationships built over his time here.

“I want to just enjoy the people and there’s a lot of fun things, especially with seniors, you know the scholarships and the graduation, assemblies, this is a fun time of year anyways, the weather gets nice. Just to enjoy being here and that’s the sad part is realizing that I won’t be at Peninsula High School after 13 years, just to think that I won’t be coming to work here every day is hard. So just to enjoy being here and everything that it is that makes this place awesome,” Winter said.

However, after hearing about the open position, Winter felt this decision was an opportunity for growth. Prior to moving to Western Washington, Winter taught in the Clarkston School District from 1997 to 2001.

“I think we always want to continue to grow and continue to challenge ourselves, I think this is a challenge for me and it’s going to stretch me and force me to learn new things…so that’s really what this is about too,” Winter said. “We’re all guided by different things, and I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be going.”

Winter’s job requirements will switch to more administrative tasks, but he hopes to maintain his interaction with students in the new district, which consists of about 2700 students, which is about one third of Peninsula School District.

“The hard part is the people and the students, the teachers and the staff and the parents.  I’m gonna miss people, but I think that’s part of life too is we have to step out and try new things,” Winter said.

There will be a meeting tomorrow with staff and the School District Board about what the next steps for hiring the new principal will be. Winter says that faculty, parents, and students will be involved in the interview process.

Winter hopes the district will choose a candidate “who really sees students as being important and is willing to listen and build relationships that way.”

The Clarkston School Board President, Greg Castellaw, is excited about Winter stepping in.

‘“We are confident that the inspiring leadership he has demonstrated at Peninsula High School will successfully carry over to our school district. What he has been able to accomplish at Peninsula is nothing short of amazing,” Castellaw said in a recent press release from Clarkston School District.