Teacher of the Month: Tim Messersmith

United States History teacher Tim Messersmith adds humor to his history plans

Audrey Gainey, Reporter

The first thing one hears when walking into United States History teacher Tim Messersmith’s room, is music. Classic rock and roll, soft metal and metallica are some of his favorites to play. Messersmith, who has been teaching at Peninsula for nine years, did not start out his career as a history teacher but as a coach.

“I started coaching first but I always knew I wanted to be a teacher,” Messersmith said.

Messersmith enjoys teaching because he ‘likes the interaction with students’, ‘likes telling stories’, and most importantly ‘likes when his students can see the value in what they’re learning.’

Showing students the value of history is not the only thing he aspires to teach them. In fact, more importantly, he wants to help his students to be happy.

“Whatever you do with your life, make sure that you have a job you love and you want to go to everyday,” Messersmith said.

For Messersmith teaching History is what he loves to do because he ‘always thought the subject was interesting.’

Even though teaching is his passion, Messersmith said, “If I wasn’t teaching, I think I’d chase tornados; be a storm chaser. Or, if I had to teach a different subject, I would teach swimming; take Brown’s job.”

Messersmith enjoys making his students laugh and always adds a twist of humor when teaching. He also adds fun to the Close-Up program, which he coordinates, where he helps high school students take a trip to Washington D.C. Like all teachers, he does have a life outside of school. In this ‘other life’ he enjoys traveling, and after a long day of ‘trying to play golf’ he watches ‘Sleepy Hollow’ with his children.

“I, myself, like to watch Modern Family, everyone should watch that show,” Messersmith said.

From his beginnings as a coach, to becoming the history teacher he is today, Messersmith has found a job he loves coming to everyday. Music, humor and his positive vibe all contribute to what makes him not just a great teacher, but a great human being.