Stages of Running and Reasons We Run

Stages of Running and Reasons We Run

Zachary Ruckle, yearbook

Stages of Running and Reasons We Run


Have you ever wondered how and why we run? Well, I’m going to break it down for you. Some reasons why we run are to stay fit or because we find it fun, like running track or cross country. “Something you may not know is that” there are stages of running. These are simply the different movements we make in order to run. 


When we run, we move our legs a certain way to go faster. The first thing we do is use our back leg to push off the ground to propel us forward. The second thing we do after we push off the ground is, as we come back down, we catch ourselves before we fall, as we are catching ourselves we redo the motion but on the opposite leg, and we start to lean forward a little more until we hit our max speed. Once we hit our max speed, we keep repeating “these movements,” “leaning” forward, “pushing” off the ground, and “catching” ourselves “before starting again,” for as long as we can go. 


Like I said earlier, some of the reasons we run are to stay fit or we do it for fun, but there are more reasons to run than that. Running can do so much more for you than you might think. Here are some of the benefits of running: Researchers found that, when you run, it can help strengthen your bones. It can help your immune system grow to help fight off other illnesses. Running also will help accelerate your metabolism, can help you lose belly fat, and make you fitter. Fun fact, have you ever heard of “runner’s face?” It’s not what you look like when you cross the finish line. Instead, it’s the face you make when you run. Often, your face will look shaggy or you will look 10 years older.


So we do have these certain  movements that we do when we run,it’s all about technique   


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