Summer Entertainment

Isabella Hansen

Now that we are a few weeks into school, everyone is missing summer more than ever. Why wouldn’t we? It’s the time of year when we spend our free time doing whatever we want. Whether it’s a car ride, going out to eat, relaxing in front of the tv, or even taking a nap, everybody has different things that they enjoy in their spare time.

One activity that most teens can enjoy is watching movies and tv shows. This summer, several new movies came out. Many of these films received high ratings. Before deciding what to watch based on these reviews, it is vital to understand how different movie ratings work. The Tomatometer, for instance, is measured by hundreds of movie critics’ opinions. To get a “fresh status,” at least 60% of the reviews on a movie must be positive. If a movie is considered fresh, a fresh tomato may be shown in the description area of the movie. Films that have 75% positive reviews or higher can be eligible to receive the “Certified Fresh” status. If a movie is Certified Fresh, a fresh tomato with a green banner in front of it and a yellow circle behind will appear. If a movie gets less than 60% positive reviews, a green splat in the description will indicate a “Rotten Status.”

 Another kind of review is the audience review which follows a similar scoring, but, instead, the opinions of the audience are measured. This review is demonstrated with popcorn. A full bin of popcorn appears if over 60% of the audience enjoyed the movie, and if less than 60% enjoyed the movie, there will be a tipped-over bin of popcorn.

There were several movies released this summer that received high ratings. On June 24th, the movie “Elvis” was released. It received a Certified Fresh status with a 78% Tomatometer scoring and an audience rating of 94%. This movie follows the life of Elvis Presley. From his singing career, his marriage, and how his life came to an end. On the same day “The Black Phone” was released and also received a Certified Fresh status with an 82% Tomatometer rating. The Black Phone follows the story of a 13-year-old boy who gets abducted by “The Grabber” and how he gets help from his abductor’s previous victims. 

On July 1st, the Minions storyline continued with the new movie “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” This film has received a 70% Tomatometer score and an 89% score in Audience Ratings. While some believe this movie is a great addition to the franchise, others believe it is a waste of time and boring. On July 8th, Marvel released the new Thor movie, “Thor: Love and Thunder.” This movie has received a 64% Tomatometer scoring and a 77% audience rating. Most audiences have enjoyed this film and have considered it a great addition to the Marvel Enterprise. 

A few other movies that were released in July include “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” “Nope,” “DC League of Super-Pets,” and “Vengeance.” All of these movies got over a 73% on the Tomatometer scale and over a 67% in the audience ratings. “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” received a 99% on the Tomatometer scale and a 91% in audience rating, making it an almost-perfect movie in both critics’ and audiences’ opinions. In August, “Bullet Train”, “Easter Sunday”, “Bodies Bodies Bodies”, “Beast”, and “Three Thousand Years of Longing” were released. Some of these movies got as low as 45% on the Tomatometer scale and as high as 86%. 

Throughout the summer of 2022, everyone had ups, downs, and many mediums, but we could always count on a good movie to bring our spirits up. Overall, most movies released this last summer were enjoyable and worthwhile for most audiences, but you never know if you’re going to like a movie until you give it a chance. So do just that. Find a movie you think you’ll enjoy, and try it out. Maybe you don’t want to spend your time and money on two hours of sitting down and watching a movie, but you never know what you are going to find in the comfortable seats of a movie theater.





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